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About My Training Background

There are marketing consultants out there, and there are copywriters out there, but there are not many people who can help you develop marketing content who have run their own successful training development business for decades. A visit to my web site at Best Training Practices will give you a good understanding of my training background, a background I use to help you build your training business. It will also give you:

  • Dozens of free reprints from my e-newsletter, The Training Tipsheet. Reprints cover a wide range of training-related issues, some aimed at corporate training departments, many applicable to your consulting business;
  • Additional free articles, my "Think Pieces," on various training/communication topics;
  • A partial list of my training clients, and some case studies from past projects.

Get marketing help from someone who truly understands, from long personal experience, what you are trying to do with your own training consultant business!

For More of My Writing ...

I'm an active writer not only on marketing for training consultants, but on issues that matter to freelancers and independent professionals in general. That writing, outside this blog and my Best Training Practices newsletter (above), ranges from helping people who are just thinking of starting a training business, to advising experienced professionals on training issues, to, of course, tips for building a more successful business, and a more rewarding life, as a training consultant.

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  • Articles I have written for EzineArticles, the most respected online repository of short articles that are distributed for publication in a wide range of individual newsletters. (Platinum Level Expert Author)
  • Guest posts for the blog Freelance Switch, focused on helping people start and build their own businesses. Many of the readers of this blog work in web design or copywriting, but the advice I offer on Freelance Switch is appropriate to anyone running his/her own business, or using content-based marketing ... like most training consultants.
  • I have also started posting on LinkedIn, visit my LI profile to see my posts.