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Do You Look Like My Clients?

I work exclusively with established, successful training consultants who are looking for more efficient and effective ways to leverage their experience to build their businesses. My clients are looking for ways to get more revenue out of their business without huge increases in time and effort.

Marketing does not have to be mysterious or painful, and there are many ways to boost your visibility while staying true to your beliefs, styles, and values. I can help you "clone" yourself to add that marketing component that you have always wanted, but never successfully implemented, for your training business.

By tightly focusing on serving a specific type of client, I can tailor my services and efforts to deliver exactly the tools and support they need to put more business in their training businesses. See how you compare to past clients who thrived with my help by looking at :

  • Is This You? : The quick summary of the types of clients who get the most out of my services.
  • What You Do: Do you help your clients by changing how they, or their employees, work?
  • What You Have Done: Have you run a successful training businesses for some time?
  • What You Want: Are you looking for better balance between the effort you put in and the revenue you get back?
  • What You Need: Have you been trying to get off the marketing roller coaster? Do you need to clone yourself to both deliver services and market those services with the time and resources available?
  • How I Help: I create content -- from white papers to articles to "give aways" to web pages to training products -- to build trust among your prospects, recycling your knowledge and experience to make your marketing efforts more efficient, with more impact.

If you are a successful training consultant who has been looking for a better way to build your reputation, your visibility, your business, please drop me a line or give me a call (612.978.3050).